Alexander Cannon

Associate Lawyer

Alexander began his legal career as an articling student with Lockyer + Hein LLP in September of 2023 and has continued on as an associate lawyer upon the competition of his articles. He earned his law degree at Swansea University in Wales through the Trent/Swansea law and Arts Dual Degree program and subsequently completed all necessary NCA accreditation exams prior to beginning his articles.


Alex is dedicated to the legal profession and his schooling abroad has given him a more holistic appreciation and understanding of the Canadian Legal system. Alex has helped clients towards resolution by ascertaining their goals and needs, researching nuanced legal issues and applying the relevant case law or statute. Alex is focusing his practice in the area of family law and his strong communication and listening skills are particularly useful in this field. His focus in family law includes matters involving divorce, child and spousal support, decision making responsibility and parenting time, property division and much more.


While writing his NCA exams, Alex earned his Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature at Trent University. His time at university greatly developed his reading, writing, comprehension, and analysis skills in a way that compliments the intricacies of family law.


For rest and recreation, Alex enjoys being outside and experiencing nature through swimming, canoeing/kayaking, and hiking. He also enjoys reading, spending weekends at the cottage and skiing in the winter.

Areas of Practice

Family Law

Education and Awards

· Call to the Ontario Bar Association, 2024

· Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Swansea University HRC School of Law, Wales

· Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree (English Literature), Trent University

· N.C.A Accreditation, 2023