J. David Keith Answers your Common Estate Litigation Questions

My husband recently passed away. I am the beneficiary of the estate, but the estate is small and a number of assets passed to others outside of the estate. The funeral and other expenses will use up a significant amount of the estate and I won’t have much left. This doesn’t seem fair.

As a spouse, you are recognized as a dependant. If your husband’s Will fails to make adequate provisions for your support, you may make a claim for dependant support. The determination of the support amount is not simply a mathematical calculation of what you need to survive. The courts also...

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I am traveling to a foreign country with one of our children.  Do I need the consent of the child’s other parent, and how should that consent be given?

With summer and vacation time approaching, this is a very good question for all parents, whether they are separated or still together.  The Canadian government strongly recommends that person(s) traveling abroad with a Canadian child without the other parent carry a consent letter.  The consent is meant to prove if...

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