At today's action in West Valley City...

At today's action in West Valley City, we'll be asking attendees to call the Salt Lake District Attorney's office and demand that the police officer(s) who killed Danielle Willard be charged with crimes.

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Danielle would turn 22 this week but for the fatal shooting by West Valley Police Nov. 2.

The call-ins can begin any time. Here's how to help.

1. Call 801-363-7900 and ask for District Attorney Sim Gill.

2. Tell him, or leave a message, that police don't have special rights to shoot and kill unarmed people. Tell him that anything close to Justice for Danielle includes the officers being put on trial. Tell him what you think of West Valley Police or police in your own community, and tell him that you expect him to play a role in making us safer.Tell him what is in your heart.

You can also email comments

The point of this action is to give the DA's office a small preview of the uproar they would have to deal with if they fail to charge the officers who killed Danielle. It's important they hear our voices and realize that the people's mood has shifted and we're not going to allow police to shoot and kill innocent people. It may be inconvenient for them for the office to take our calls, but we can't wait for the office to make a decision before we say how we really feel and that announcement might be made the same day they release their own report. By then it might be too late and they're not likely to change their minds if they've made the wrong decision. So we can't wait. We must act now.

Call DA Sim Gill today and help seek Justice for Danielle!

And if you have any information about Danielle's death, call 1-855-9-JUSTICE

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