A revised local law on who will pay for county roads

A revised local law on who will pay for county roads damaged by frequent truck traffic comes up for public hearing before the Tompkins County Legislature Aug. 14. The revised language makes concessions to companies as well as a growing practice of natural gas drillers who compensate local governments for damaged roadways.

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The move was approved in a 4-0 vote last week by the Legislature's Facilities and Infrastructure Committee with Leslyn McBean-Clairborne (D-Ithaca) excused, the county announced. Following a January public hearing, the local law regulating "high-frequency, high-impact truck traffic" and assessing costs for road damage during major development projects, was revised, altering the threshold when the law becomes active.

The new threshold permits more than 1,000 truck trips to and from a project site "over the course of a project," the County announced Friday. The revision also mentions trucks with a gross weight of more than 30 tons. Originally, the proposal carried a stricter threshold of between 5-10 trips per day, four or more days per week. Additionally, affected trucks weighed 20-30 tons. Another change is including voluntary road use agreements as a way to avoid the permit process. Such road use agreements are a favorite option for drillers.

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