Those impacted by the new property tax

Those impacted by the new property tax have been trying to get the incumbent Assessor to reconsider his decision. Thus far, they have been unsuccessful. They have found a sympathetic ear in State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson who recently introduced SB-1203. This bill is specifically designed to end the taxation abuse of the incumbent Assessor. As it is early in the legislative session, the fate of the bill is uncertain.

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John J. Griffin believes that the incumbent Assessor must be replaced because he is threatening major disruption and cessation of many non-profit organizations that provide varied (including economic) benefits to our communities.

In a nutshell, this is precisely how incumbent Dan Goodwin is putting our community non-profit organizations at risk:

1. He is arbitrarily refusing to accept the Non-Profit Exemption status.

This makes the Non-Profit Organiztion (NPO) fair game. This radical new policy of his enables him to levy property tax on NPOs. You should know that no other county Assessor in the entire state of California has done anything like this.You should also know that he is stubbornly holding to his position, even though the California State Board of Equalization has issued an advisory specifically telling him that he is wrong.

2. Having arbitrarily declared an NPOs exemption status invalid, he is placing a current tax on property owned by the NPO.

He is disguising his attack by declaring, in effect, that NPOs are Fair Game.

3. To add tremendousinsult to injury, he has also imposed 6 years of back taxes on these NPOs.

State law says that NPOs are exempt from property taxes. The IRS says that NPOs are exempt. The California State Board of Equalization says that NPOs are exempt. The only one saying that property taxes are owed by NPOs is the incumbent. And he's also saying that not only do they owe taxes now, they've owed them for over six years!

4. To add final outrage, he has also imposed egregious penalties (for non-payment of back taxes these NPOs we're previously exempt from paying!).

Apparently, the power has gone to our incumbent Assessors head, because he feels that it is fair to pile on penalties too!

Just One Example (there are many more, but we only need one to clearly make the point).

In the case of just one NPO that houses senior citizens, the total new tax bill, cooked up under incumbent Dan Goodwins scheme, comes to over $2 million.

Of course, this NPO doesn't have anywhere near that kind of money just laying around. So this trumped up tax bill threatens to actually bankrupt this housing project and throw it's 190 senior citizen residents out on the street!


This terribly misguided tax policy, conceived and put into action by incumbent Goodwin, is likely to be applied to many other NPOs in Ventura County. If he is not stopped, the effects could be far reaching and devastating to many.

Stop Him!

One attempt to stop incumbent Dan Goodwin has been recently launched by State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson in California State Senate Bill-1203.

But you have the power to do even better than that by voting for John J. Griffin for County Assessor.

Once in office, John J. Griffin will order an immediate moratorium on the taxation of property owned by NPOs in Ventura County. He would then proceed to follow the direction of the State Board of Equalization, as is the practice of the other Assessors in Californias 58 counties.

This measured approach to the duties of County Assessor demonstrate the kind of fair, effective, and efficient decision-making you can expect of John J. Griffin.

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