Beefcake Jesus and Corporations Having Faith Like Children In Order To Enter Heaven

A new movie based on the life of Jesus is out called "Son of God". Made by husband and wife team Mark Burnett (Producer of Reality Shows like Survivor) and Roma Downey (Actress of shows like Touched by An Angel), this is the first big screen production of a movie about the Life of Jesus since Mel Gibson's Passion of The Christ. I applaud their efforts. "Biblical" movies tend to be hit or miss by Hollywood and the previous production using many of the same actors, a mini series called "The Bible" was a smashing success. Jesus is being played by Portugese Soap Telenovela Star and Model Diogo Morgado.

Now I could make a Beefcake Jesus joke, but I think that Steven Colbert does it much better. This is a funny 5 minutes from a man who is a devout catholic, playing a conservative Bill O'Rielly type character in a mock news and opinion show.

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Several other "biblical" movies are being released this year, including a retelling of the story of Noah as an environmental and climate change epic. It is almost as if the corporations that produce these movies have found religion. In fact, they are just practicing their own religion, the religion of money. But it will be nice to have a few family friendly movies out in the coming year.

America in 2014 is all about corporations. I am typing this blog post on a computer made by a corporation, using a blog platform owned by a corporation, on internet provided by a corporation. Corporations are everywhere, small businesses are quickly snatched up by corporations. And, over the last 30 to 40 years, we all have changed are behavior and ACT like we are corporations.

The church of Jesus Christ has in many cases become Christianity, Inc. Our schools have become Education, Inc. Our thinking has simply evolved to become corporate in nature. So, it really is no surprise when corporations become, and are treated as an individual person, and are viewed as such in society.

So Hobby Lobby claiming that the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) somehow violates the corporations religious beliefs related to insurance covering contraception and abortion somehow, among certain circles seems normal. And when Arizona attempts to pass a law giving individuals who generally work for corporations, the right to refuse service to persons because of their personal deeply held religious beliefs; it seems necessary to protect the individual employees religious rights from the position and policies of the corporation.

And thus, blended together, we have a mix of persons acting as individuals, and corporations acting as individuals. And most people just don't find that odd or disturbing anymore. And the sincerely held deeply personal religious belief? What once was the property of the individual appears to have become the property and right of the moneymaking entity too

Jesus spoke of needing to have faith like a child, a trusting, believing faith to enter the kingdom of heaven. This blending of the personal and the corporation, the rights of individuals vs. the rights of groups of individuals formed to do business in the open marketplace and profit from it can corporations have faith like a child? Can corporations enter heaven?

Corporate Heaven involves a lot of trusting in God

Does the United States Constitution protect the rights of individuals to practice their religion of choice only, or are corporations protected for the same thing? Because we are entering a dangerous time, if Corporations are treated as individuals for the purposes of "religious rights."

Example: Secular, for-profit corporations could claim a faith exemption from complying with any number of laws. They may be opposed to I.U.D.s , as in the Hobby Lobby case before the Supreme Court, but it could be vaccines in another, the purchase of products for daily living in another. Or for that matter, refusing to allow a gay couple to open a wedding registry at Nieman Marcus. Mormons and Southern Baptist owned corporations (both with their own peculiar history of race relations) could refuse to allow dark skinned persons to sit at restaurants, or in the vein of the Arizona type law, waiters could refuse to serve them.

Our nation is governed in law, and those laws exist to provide an equal footing for all citizens. And no matter the personal religious belief of the citizen, when interacting in the open marketplace, all are held to the same rules and laws. But even this is starting to change. People all over the country are claiming their religious rights trump the laws designed to make everyone equal. Laws designed for public safety, laws designed for ensuring we have a civil and peaceful society.

Eye Color Blue. Hair Color Blue.

First it is a useless photo ID card for an individual, next it will be corporations who have a religious belief they should not pay taxes. And while a corporation may have to have faith like a child, it still may be easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for corporations to not take advantage of their "new" religious liberties and deeply held religious beliefs no matter what those beliefs might be

Beefcake Jesus, tell me again that God doesn't hate figs, but wants you to buy more and more from the Multi-National Fig Conglomerate Corporation?

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