A charter bus rolled over on a rural road outside William, CA, north of Sacramento. The bus flipped over and landed with it's wheels down in a ditch. Passengers we're thrown from the vehicle and crushed inside. Ten people we're killed and dozens more injured.

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The accident occurred in the evening, while the bus was on it's way to a casino from Sacramento. The accident occurred when the driver swerved in an attempt to overcorrect his drifting to the other side of the road. The result was the bus flipping completely over. The bus ended up in back on it's wheels, facing the opposite direction it was traveling, with a crushed roof and broken windows. 10 deaths and scores of other injuries we're reported.

Rollovers are extremely dangerous, and bus roll over accidents are often fatal. Vehicles with a high center of gravity, such as buses and SUV's, have a greater likelihood of flipping over, but any type of vehicle can roll over. To learn more about roll over crashes, please visit our website.

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