Louis Guthrie maintains decisive lead in Sheriff's race

The race for Harris County Sheriff is, hands down, the hottest race in Houston, with 8 GOP Candidates going into the primary. the Republican Candidates for Harris County Sheriff have participated in a large number of debates and forums. Most in the Republican party are relieved to see poll results that appear to have narrowed the race to what a great majority see as a two man race. Louis Guthrie was estimated to have 77% of the GOP vote in the State-wide gallup Saddle Up Straw Poll last month. On 2/19/12, another poll was taken of the 80+ members attending the Daughters of Liberty Forum. The results, though not scientific, we're relatively consistent, with Guthrie and Hueszel neck and neck, blowing past the remaining stragglers with over a 20 point lead. both with a 20+ point lead over 3 Candidates and 3 off the radar.

It seems clear that Harris County women carry a big stick when it comes to their impact in this heated race. I always enjoy reading Harris County Conservative politics because of the objective assessments of it author, so I will piggy back to some degree on his comments. He concluded that Louis Guthrie won the debate by a hair over Hueszel and would tear Garcia up in a debate, something I am dying to see! I have been impressed by this author because he has repeated emphasizes the virtues of each candidate, unambiguously indicating his commitment to support whoever managed to clinch the nomination. His blog is not without a few well deserved jabsrendering it an interesting read.

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Yet, his credible conclusion going into the primaries is that among the 8: two strong front-runners continue to maintain the lead: Louis Guthrie and Harold Hueszel. I feel like I'm at NASCAR having witnessed debate after debate after debate, wondering when someone would inevitably crash and burn or simply have the wheels fall off, ending their quest for the prize. The author opined that beyond Guthrie and Hueszel, remained a third, Rondon, and plummeting fourth, Pittman, with 4 others who should "stay home and clean their weapons." At this juncture, most agree! The fab 4 still limping along have almost no chance of clinching the GOP nomination, necessarily meaning that their only impact now is to muddy the water, taking small percentages of votes that would otherwise be Guthrie or Hueszel's. Based on the electability and realistic chance that 3 and 4 could overcome the incumbent, Adrian Garcia, i believe it's time for 6 to call it a day, throw in the towel, and turn their efforts to backing the two clear front runners.

Since I found his assessment right on, I will comment on his opinions, and add a bit of my own. I am clearly in support of Republican Candidate Louis Guthrie for many reasons that carry no bias, but knowing Guthrie for most of my life, I do have a Birdseye view of his integrity and ability to lead that is unmatched by less familiar candidates. I will endeavor to simply inform as objective as possible. The straw poll was based on opinions of the roughly 80 voters in attendance. So, it's results might have been slightly different had supporters of particular candidates attended. Despite the hairline 2+ point lead Hueszel had polling 80 voters in an admitted unscientific fashion, He said that Guthrie was the winner. This is consistent with the Saddle Up straw poll conducted in January, where Louis had 77%.

Louis Guthrie received 32.6%, Hueszel only marginally above at 34.8%, and Lemkuil, Rondon, and Pittman trailing far behind at 10.9%, and others off the radar entirely. Unlike the Houston Chonicle's Big Jolly reporter, I cannot conclude that Hueszel is in the lead, based on one unscientific straw poll of less than 80 voters in attendance with such a slim margin and a much bigger straw poll in January showing Louis Guthrie had an overwhelming 77% of the GOP vote. Considering Adrian Garcia's influence on the Houston Chronicle, I'll simply say that reports of it's reporters must be viewed with skeptism and obvious bias against Guthrie on the part of Adrian Garcia's partnership with Alan Bernstein, WHO HEAVILY skews the Chronicle's reporting against Guthrie. With such an obvious ax to grind, it's clear that Adrian Garcia does not want to end up toe to toe with Louis Guthrie. Voters should take note because it shows that Camp Adrian Garcia has deemed Louis Guthrie the true threat to Garcia in November.Harris County Conservative politics' review glossed over the front runners, Guthrie and Hueszel, presumably because their abilities and command experience are solid. His assessment focused more on the wreckage he saw, consistent with my NASCAR like experience.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a force to be reckoned with, impressive and respected. This is underscored by recent events concerning Arpaio's Posse investigationsomething Patriots want to know, but can't seem to get their Senators, Congressmen, or a certain Georgia Court to tell. Arpaio has his share of critics. Don't we all? I'd say if nobody is poking holes in you,thou might as well hang it up. That means nobody considers you a threat, so why bother? The problem lies not with Sheriff Arpaio, but Carl Pittman. After 34 months on the glorious, exhausting campaign trail, his platform is almost entirely based on this one endorsement. Notably, Sheriff Joe endorsed Pittman months before more qualified candidates entered the race. No doubt, Pittman threw in his hat and beat it as fast as he could to Arizona.

I suspect his service with the Marines could have factored strongly into this endorsement and believe that Sheriff Arpaio DID NOT have access to information buried deep in the recesses of the HCSO Public Records Department, given the 4 TPIA's sent over a 3 month period of time to gain access to themwhen backs we're against the wall, with Garcia's bluff called and a Complaint to the Texas Attorney General 48 hours away. Thoughts? Garcia desperately wanted them not found by the mistake of a Paralegal until after the primary, in the hope that Hell would freeze over, leaving Pittman the nominee. I guarantee you if this scenario played out, Garcia would have waived his magic wand and POOF, what do you know? He found them. He'd have filleted Carl Pittman with them and GAME OVER, Garcia had a 100% chance of sailing through the general election. I'm glad he chose to magically find them rather than risk the PR nightmare that would have ensued if Guthrie was his challenger. Garcia should consider a career as a magician given his uncanny ability to make things appear and disappear, like those 10,000 felony warrants that we're gone when inquiring minds wanted to know, "Was Up with the money?At any rate, the Saga was not to be! As Pittman seemed to do himself in during this debate. Pittman floundered, speaking of zero based budgets, stating that he placed someone in jail every day (huh?), and ultimately leaving most with a well reasoned opinion that Pittman had no compass or plans to improve the Sheriff's Office. Pittman seemed to simply conclude he would "figure it out later" after being elected. The author compared it to Pelosi's sign the Bill now and read it later. Pittman stated that serving as a combat squad leader qualified him to manage 4000 employees and a 4,000,000 budget, which didn't cut the mustard for most. Pittman seemed to crash and burn, revealing a campaign with almost no substance.

The fourth to plead his case yet ahead of "in the red" Pittman, Mr. Rondon spoke eloquently about his impressive service with the DEA. This is a factor, given Los Zetas Drug Cartel's growing infiltration of Harris County. But multiple factors weigh against him, including lack of hands on experience in the Sheriff's Office, leaving many to question, why now? His management experience of any number of DEA employees, impressive indeed, simply didn't cut it when voters consider the 4000 employees, operating in a complex Sheriff's Office (the inner workings of he lacked experience completely) with the 3rd largest budget in Texas. The author, crowd, and I agree, the momentum simply never was sufficient to beat Garcia. In a clear jab, but certainly a reflection of the night and where this race stands, he failed to say much about the 4 stragglers. Regarding Day, he said, "yeah, he was there." Ouch!

While he attributed Louis Guthrie's victory to his personality and likeability, this should be important to voters because isn't this a huge factor in deciding elections? Consider the Gipper or Bill Clinton. With qualifications and unquestionable ability firmly established, Louis' ability to command a room suggests an equal ability to improve deputy morale by the ease in which Louis rallies supporters to want to do the things Louis would otherwise command. Truman once said the true mark of a leader is getting others to do what you neeo because they want to. Louis can do this unlike any other candidate.

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