After a one week delay and a major violation of the Student Government...

After a one week delay and a major violation of the Student Government Association Constitution, students received an opportunity to vote for their desired senators, class queens, and class officers during the SGA Fall Elections.

The voting took place in the ALAR Room of the John Garrick Hardy University Center on Sept. 19, but the number of students who actually exercised their right to vote was 286.

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Various students believe that the low numbers we're due to a lack of interest, a lack of preparation, multiple reschedulings, and ineffective promotion.

"I believe the election went off horrible because it was not well promoted," said sophomore finance major Darnell S. Howard.

"An election that should have been promoted well was not because everything was held back. And it just turned out to be a bad election."

With less than three percent of the student body voting, the results yielded double digit numbers for every winner.

Trey L. Lipscomb won a senate seat for William H. Benson Hall.Rosha Pearson was elected senator of Charles Johnson Dunn Tower with 33 votes.

Rava Chapman who campaigned to represent Bessie Estell Hall as a senator won by 40 votes over the other candidates.

Jamilia Colquitt won by 11 votes to represent Peyton Finley Apartments as a senator, while Candace Phillips captured her senate seat with 21 votes to represent Willetta McGinty Apartments.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall will be represented by a newcomer to politics, Cortez Edwards, who garnered 19 votes over his opponents to win a senate and Bianca Stallworth will represent Rosa Willease Simpson Hall with 23 more votes than any of her competitors.

Off-campus students that won senate seats we're Patrick Dugger, Heather Gaylord, Ebone Gilbert, Katherine Harkley Jakes, Chawn Thompson, Britney Walker and Trisheena Webster.

In this category all candidate's that we're running won.Class queens we're also chosen by the students.Freshman Queen Justina Wills who won with 45 votes said, "I am excited. I am going to give my best in this postion."

Kenya Wallace who won with 61 votes to capture the sophomore class queen.

Junior Chiketa Bates won her class' confidence an overall vote of 40 to capture the class queen position.

Senior Ebone Gilbert won senior class queen by 16 votes.

" .. I don't feel like it was a fair vote because over 5,000students attend this university and less then 1,000 voted," said Sonya Duncan a first-year student who is a political science major.

SGA Vice President Duncan Kirkwood believed that the elections went well and people who wanted to vote came out to vote given the fact that it was a lot of confusion on when the elections would take place.

When asked SGA Election Committee Chairman Mark Overall was asked if the candidates running for senate seats we're well rounded, he responded, "Probably not. I don't think that the senators are bad candidates, but a lot of them could be a little bit more versed in their job qualifications but that's just how it goes here."

Some students we're concerned that many of the elected candidates we're first year students.

Overall offered an explanation for the numbers.

"Freshmen constitute the majority of everything because they are coming in and they don't have anything else to do. They are not part of anything else yet" said Overall.

"The only thing I didn't agree with is some people in SGA saying that since we don't have enough senators let's just appoint the street team. " also added Overall.

All in all SGA see's this year as well as the candidates as a good look for ASU.

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