The downside to this entire Bundy grazing issue is the crazy right wing militia types, who claim they are "protecting" life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness but in reality are just looking for conflict.

Yes, the above is a real picture of an American Citizen, sighting a sniper rifle on another American Citizen, one who happens to work for a branch of the Federal Government. Approximately 1.8 million people work for the Federal Government, and despite the cries from right wing politicos of a bloated and expansive government, Federal employment is at a 47 year low.

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So let me introduce you to Dan. Dan isn't real. He is a computerized composite of the typical American white male.

Dan works for the United States Bureau of Land Management. It was a great job he picked up with his two year associates degree. He loves the outdoors and working with Native American populations and ranchers to make sure that the natural resources are there for everyone, preserved, protected, and used. Dan loves to rock climb in his spare time, but doesn't do it so much anymore since he married Amy and had the baby. Dan was instructed by his supervisor to help the BLM move cattle that belong to a rancher off of federal land. Dan kissed his wife and daughter goodbye, and went to work. Little did he know that Billy Jim Joe Bob of the Merica' first militia had his sniper rifle aimed directly at his chest while he did his work.

Dan didn't set policy. Dan can't. He's just a worker drone, with a wife and child. He's overextended, but makes his mortgage payment and car payment. He worries about how he will afford college for his daughter when that day comes. He's still paying off the credit cards from the Government Shutdown last year, when he didn't get a paycheck for awhile.

And he has been marked for death. Because somewhere, somebody got the screwy idea that revolution works, that the "evil empire" can be defeated by one guy in an X-wing fighter without the targeting computer.

Dan lived because his supervisors decided to de-escalate the conflict. But Dan will be called back again to do his job because that is his job and Dan does what he is told.

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