Heparin is an anticoagulate used for blood clots and dialysis, and has been the focus of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalls and several product liability lawsuits. Heparin is manufactured by Baxter Healthcare Corporation and is used principally in medicine. Its purpose is to prevent the formation of clots and help the body naturally break down clots that have already formed. There are serious side effects to heparin, and an overdose of the drug can be fatal.

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The controversy on heparin began in December 2007 when a shipment of heparin was recalled by the FDA because of a bacterial growth. Then, in March 2008, there we're more recalls of heparin because of a contamination of an imported shipment from China. According to the FDA, there we're at least 81 deaths as a result of the contamination, and more than 785 reports of serious injuries. The Administration admitted that it was at fault for the contamination as it failed to inspect the shipments from the plant in China.

Aside from the recalls, Heparin lawsuits we're also brought for drug overdoses and mislabeling. One famous lawsuit was brought about by actor Dennis Quaid, when his twelve day old twins we're given a dose of heparin that was 1,000 times the recommended dosage for infants. The overdose was a result of mislabeled dosage on the bottle. Approximately six months after the Quaid lawsuit, another set of twins in Texas we're accidentally administered an overdose of Heparin. However, in the latter case, the overdose was due to a mixing error rather than a mislabeling error.

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