The high cost of Britain's involvement with the Bahriani...

As with Yates, the involvement of Britons as advisers has resulted in few tangible changes at institutional level. Despite extensive documentation of state-led human rights abuses, only five low-level personnel have been imprisoned, taking the rap for what the BICI called "systematic mistreatment which amounted to torture."

The gulf between Bahraini rhetoric surrounding the lawyers' appointment and their practical achievements reinforces an impression that they too have been hired as the publicly acceptable face of a reform process that is going nowhere.

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The British government hassupplied the security forces of Bahrainwith crowd control weapons and British advisers have been co-opted into the abortive reform process. But British involvement doesn't there, our oldest institutionscontinue to traina steady stream of Bahraini nationals for active service. According to The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, this training comes at a high cost to the British state. Although it costs 78,000 to train a single recruit, Bahrain only pays 48,400 an individual. The Ministry of Defence has therefore subsidised Bahraini military training with at least 380,000 in the past three years alone.

But for a government committed to boosting ties with a"key defence ally", this will be seen as a small price to pay. As former regional partners such as Egypt undergo their own political struggles, British officials place an increasingly high premium on alliances based on trust and deep historical roots. The price for this co-operation is complicity in the slow and steady crackdown on the human rights that Britain purports to defend.

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