Weekly Campaign Round Up

The Horner campaign is in full gear as we get out the vote for the August 10 Independence Party primary. In the last week alone Tom Horner and running mate Jim Mulder visited towns throughout the state from Monticello, St. Cloud and Detroit Lakes to International Falls, Roseau, Crookston and more. On Sunday, July 25 Tom Horner appeared on WCCO-TV's Sunday Morning with Esme Murphy. You can catch that full interview here.

A few other items:

  • On Monday morning, July 26 Tom Horner will be live in studio with Minnesota Public Radio's Kerri Miller from 9:00 a.m. to 10:oo a.m. You can listen online at MPRNewsQ.
  • Tom Horner for Governor lawn signs are on the way. If you'd like to order one, send a message to lawnsigns@horner2010.com and someone will get back to you shortly.

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  • This week we will talk about the state of our fundraising, but for the time being we'd like to thank all of you for helping us blow past the threshold for broad, grassroots support that makes Tom Horner eligible for state funding. Tom was overwhelmed by the generous support we received in recent weeks. More on that to come.
  • This Wednesday, July 28, Tom Horner and social media expert Mykl Roventine will host a unique town hall forum live from Brit's Pub in Minneapolis. You can participate via Twitter and watch online at USTREAM. In the next day we will post a video on the blog showing how you can participate in what we're calling a Twitter Town Hall. Or if you'd like to attend and enjoy lunch at Brit's, you can bring your laptop and pull up a chair.
  • You can read more about recent campaign stops and policy proposals in recent editions of the International Falls Journal, Grand Forks Herald andSt. Cloud Times. You can also hear what folks are saying about our campaign by checking out this video from HornerTV.
  • Finally, Tom celebrated his 60th birthday on Friday by taking just a little bit of time to enjoy a relaxing moment and some birthday cake at the campaign office in Plymouth. Happy birthday Tom!

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